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Published on November 28, 2015

If you didn’t post it then it didn’t happen! A term I hear a lot these days when I’m out at social events trying to be “social” but the only time you can really get a moment to interact is when you gather in clusters trying to fit in to the frame of a camera phone. Yes, I love social media, yes I’m a part of the ever growing limitless selfie craze but am I really a part of it? I have an Instagram, 2 accounts for that matter. One personal and one professional to promote my career as an interior designer. I don’t have that many followers just yet, especially on my professional account. Seems people are more interested in the design of my face than a 10-million-dollar home. Guess I should take that as a compliment. I was considering buying Instagram followers to boost my image. Isnt that what everyone is doing anyway?

Buying instagram followers? Im not convinced that the average Joe Shmoe and his 23 cats have way more followers than I do. But then again he is promoting his start up company selling kitten mittens. I know so many needy baby cats with little cold paws. To be honest I was more interested in the fact that he had 100x more followers and likes than I do in followers. This in turn made me curious about his colorful and fluffy kitten mittens! I can’t tell for sure whether or not he purchased his instagram followers, but I’m pretty sure if he did buy Instagram followers then it was helping him generate some unsolicited business. Case in point? ME! I already had 3 of the cutest kitten mittens in my shopping cart ready for check out once I filled in my credit card and delivery information. I dont even own a cat or a kitten for that matter. And this is what got me thinking to buying instagram followers.

I dont necessarily need to buy instagram followers to help my business but its a great way to promote and affirm myself and my business for curious clients. And if I did buy Instagram followers would people find out? Would that compromise my credibility? I do high end luxury design. Mostly for the rich and sometimes for the famous but generally speaking my clientele are not scrolling through IG feeds all day. So maybe its safe for me to buy Instagram followers and climb up to par with Mister Kitten Mittens. I see 15 year olds with quadruple the number of followers than I have. Did they buy their Instagram followers? If so how do, they even afford them? And is it just for self promotion? Why would anyone want to promote something that didn’t earn them money. Although if you scroll around Instagram you will see lady Jane and all her hot twerking friends twerking with an oral teeth whitening gadget in their mouths.

So yes, self promoting can actually lead to some lucrative opportunities. But are these accounts buying Instagram followers too? Is there a sort of check system before one can market their account for branding purposes? I’m not that keen on all the logistics of Instagram yet but I just might have to make it my life mission to start finding these things out. At least before I buy Instagram followers.

No matter how you look at it the number of followers you have kind of affirms your level of “desirability”. Whether you buy Instagram followers or not that number speaks volumes to people who see it. Even if an Instagram account has nothing you are interested in but shows a massive amount of followers then you naturally wonder why everyone is so attached to this account. You may follow just to feel part of the crowd. So whether you’re promoting yourself for business or a business for yourself that number of followers reflected is going to generate some level of interest and reaction from users.

Buying Instagram followers to help generate traffic is clearly a wise move. At some point you'll generate enough real followers to maybe let your fake followers go? I wonder if they'll want to stay? No matter how real or fake an Instagram account can be, everyone wants to see cute and fluffy kittens wearing mittens!

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