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Why Buying Instagram Followers Benefit Business’s

Published on November 25, 2015

In today’s world it’s all about the internet; socializing, shopping and relationships, which researchers found to be happier and healthier on the internet! And on the internet it’s all about your image. I mean, isn’t that what we’re all infatuated with? Images? You have an option to “like” an image or give it a thumbs up or down. We all want to follow the influencers and wish it were us living their lifestyle. It’s almost like a dream. We are all living vicariously through these perfect specimens and their perfect lives. And as we scroll through their images, we rate them. And the more “likes” they get, the more popular they are. That popularity then turns in to more followers and more followers turn in to a decent income! That’s a pretty sweet deal!

So everyone that’s trying to make a buck as a social media influencer is consistently working on their image. But is it actually real? I mean, with so many gadgets out there that can improve your image, how do we know what’s real and what’s been altered? And do we even care?

I remember taking a pic with my brother and, before he posted our “night out”, he whitened our teeth, took in our waistline and lowered his hairline! It was the first time I’d seen this app and I was flabbergasted by it! I felt like Cinderella and he was my fairy god brother. Come to find out, pics are not the only thing you’re able to alter. You can also alter the number followers you have!

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